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Easy Toilet Riser

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Product Details

Part # 01A 14107
A standard toilet seat doesn't work for some people, its just too low!

The traditional, unsightly seat riser that clamps onto the toilet seat is filled with flaws. It looks odd. Itís hard to keep clean. Itís awkward for someone who doesnít need it.  (Do you take it off? Or just try to perfect your aim?) And if you need to store it, where in the world do you put it?

Providing a strong foundation and sanitary functionality from the bottom up, the Easy Toilet Riser takes a low-profile position between the toilet and the floor. When installed, your standard toilet becomes 19 inches high off the ground; the same height as a traditional, clamp-on riser.  The Easy Toilet Riser is a godsend for tall people or anyone who has difficulty sitting down. It also simplifies the bathroom experience for those with arthritis, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, knee surgery or hip problems.  Itís the bathroom accessory that doesnít look like an accessory. With one installation, it attaches to the floor.  Youíll forget the riser is even there!

Works very well with extended arm rests.

Comes in a kit with everything needed to install.

NOTE: This product is Non-Returnable.

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