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Bed Rail Pads

Bed Rail Pads

Bed Rail Pads, Hospital Bed Rail Pads, Bed Side Rail Wedges, and, and Bed Rail Bolster.

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Bed Rail Pads Among our large selection of hospital bed accessories are our bed rail pads. Our bed rail pads come in many different styles including bed rail gap fillers, bed side rail wedges, roll guard pads, and bed side rail bolsters. Our bed rail pads come in a variety of different sizes and with several different options, with various color and material options.

What is a bed rail pad? There are several different types of bed rail pads made to perform different functions, Most bed rail pads are attached around the perimeter of the mattress to help eliminate gaps while providing a comfortable padding that may prevent potential injury, including head or limb entanglement. However they are generally all designed to provide similar functions that includes comfort and safety for there users, or possibly to aid caregivers in there duties.

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