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Bariatric Walkers and Accessories

Bariatric Walkers and Accessories

Bariatric Walkers, Heavy Duty Walker, Heavy Duty Bariatric Safety Roller and Heavy Duty Bariatric Merry Walker.

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Bariatric Walkers Among our large selection of bariatric products are our bariatric walkers. Our bariatric walkers come in many different styles including heavy duty folding walkers, extra wide walkers with wheels, Heavy Duty Bariatric Safety Roller walkers and heavy duty bariatric Merry Walkers. Our bariatric walkers may accommodate between 500 to 1000 pounds, and are extra wide offering more stability, while providing comfort and security..

What is a Bariatric Walkers? The term "bariatric" refers to The branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity and the population of obese patients who require medical intervention. In terms of providing home medical equipment, it is generally defined as patients in excess of 300 pounds. One of the most often prescribed pieces of medical equipment may be the bariatric or heavy duty walkers. Bariatric walkers enable those persons that might otherwise not be capable of being mobile to get up and around, improving there health and overall well being.

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