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Bathtub Lifts

Bathtub Lifts

Bathtub Lifts, Guardian Tub Lifts, Aquatec Bath Lifts for Standard and Whirlpool Style Tubs.

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Bathtub lifts are used by individuals needing assistance getting in and out of a bath tub. We carry a variety of bathtub lifts for standard, whirlpool and jacuzzi tubs by top manufactures like Guardian and Drive.

What is a bathtub lift? Bathtub lifters are a type of patient lifter that raises and lowers the user into a tub. Bathtub lifts can be either powered by water pressure or rechargeable batteries. Bathtub lifts powered by water pressure run off the existing pressure in your home or facility and can lift a person of 200 pounds on as little as 20 psi. Bathtub lifts that are battery powered are equipped with a sensor that will not lower you into the tub if the battery is too low to raise you back up again. People who are disabled by age or injury have troubles moving around, which makes taking a shower and bathing one of the most taxing tasks. Bathtub lifts make it likely for these people to get into and out of the tub, with little or no assistance at all..

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