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Wheelchair Ramps - Triple Fold Ramps

Wheelchair Ramps - Triple Fold Ramps

Three Way Folding Wheelchair Ramps.

Scroll down to see our selection of three way folding wheelchair ramps for sale.

Three way folding wheelchair ramps are used to provide access over larger steps and obstacles. We carry a variety of three way folding ramps for sale in sizes ranging from 60 inches long to 96 inches long, with all being a standard 30 inches wide.

What is a three way folding wheelchair ramp? Three way folding ramps are portable, heavy duty aluminum devices that give access to disable persons using wheelchairs. These types of wheelchair ramps fold compactly for easy storage or travel. Equipped with a carrying handle, the three way folding ramps are light weight and can hold up to 600 pounds. Skid free surfacing and raised side rails make three way folding ramps ideal for home or on the go use.

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