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MRI Wheelchairs, and Accessories

MRI Wheelchairs

MRI Wheelchairs and Accessories.

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MRI wheelchairs and accessories are used to transport patients in and out of an MRI environment safely. We carry a large selection of MRI wheelchairs and accessories for sale including MRI compatible shower wheelchairs, MRI safe standard wheelchairs and MRI wheelchair accessories, such as tank holders, IV attachments and anti-theft bars.

What are MRI wheelchairs and accessories? MRI wheelchairs are transport devices designed to be non-magnetic and withstand a high magnetic environment. MRI wheelchair accessories are non-magnetic attachments that improve the use of a MRI wheelchair. These MRI wheelchair accessories can consist of oxygen tank holders, IV pole attachments, replacement leg rests, heel loop attachments, anti-tippers and anti-theft bars. Some MRI wheelchairs are designed to double as self propelled shower chairs, omitting the need to transfer the patient from one chair to the next.

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