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MRI Equipment, MRI Safe Equipment
MRI safe products, equipment and accessories.

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MRI equipment is used by facilities containing a Magnetic Resonance Environment to insure the safety of doctors and patients. We carry a large selection of different MRI equipment and are one of the few non magnetic hospital supply websites on the internet. Our MRI equipment consists of MRI transport equipment, MRI oxygen equipment, MRI janitorial cleaning equipment and tools, MRI safe hampers, carts, tables and stands, MRI patient comfort equipment, MRI stools, chairs, seats and so much more.

In the MRI environment it is very dangerous to have any item or material that is magnetic. When an MRI machine is turned on it creates a VERY strong magnetic field. If there is any item in the room that is attracted to magnets it will fly across the room to stick on the machine. If this is a paperclip not much damage is done, but it happens to be a wheelchair a person could be crushed between the machine and the wheelchair. It is very important to only use tested safe MRI equipment in the MRI room. There have been serious injuries and even death because a non-MRI piece of equipment was introduced into the MRI room. MRI equipment is any product made of special materials that are non magnetic and safe for use in a Magnetic Resonance Environment. Every piece of MRI equipment is tested for any magnetism by labs authorized by GE to certify items MRI safe. There are different levels of MRI safe equipment, MR Safe is any MRI equipment with no magnetic materials and poses no know hazards in the MRI room. MRI Conditional is MR equipment that has been demonstrated to pose no know hazards in a specified MR environment with specific conditions of use. MR Unsafe are MRI equipment know to pose hazards inside the MR environment and are typically used out side the room. Accidents can happen and having the proper MRI equipment will give you and your patient peace of mind..

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