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Merry Standy By Me Standing Assist Therapy DeviceZoom

Merry Standy By Me Standing Assist Therapy Device

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Item#: 08A16358
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Product Details

Part # 08A 16358

Merry Standy By Me Standing Assist Therapy Device

Merry Stand By Me®- is a brand new product and was designed to assist the wheelchair user to return to the function of standing from a seated wheelchair position.  The Merry Stand By Me will assist the wheelchair user to return to vertical integration (upright walking) and then advance to return to functional mobility. The Merry Stand By Me could be easily called a portable parallel bar, as it looks like one. The end user rolls his/her wheelchair inside the device, locks the brakes of his/her wheelchair, and stands up holding onto the front cross bar, practicing weight shifting, stepping in place, and then is able to sit down again in the wheelchair parked right behind the resident. The resident is able to practice standing and sitting independently so self-rehabilitation is being self -administered by the resident.
The Merry Stand by Me is constructed of black tubular steel, with arch shaped sides, two front cross rails and two bottom rails which places the weight on the floor and anchoring the Merry Stand By Me to the floor.


    Merry Stand By Me

1.  Allows end user in wheelchair the first step in retraining oneself to walk once again.
2.  Vertical integration is the goal, and Merry Stand By Me assists in reaching that goal
3.  Saves time for PT staff as resident is able to self- administer sit to stand exercises
4.  Restorative nurses use Merry Stand By Me on floor with individual residents
5. Device can be easily using in charting goals for resident, as to how many times a resident is able to stand up by themselves.
6. Bottom weighted to keep device in place during use


1.    Constructed of black powdered coated steel- easily cleaned between users
2.    Will allow a standard wheelchair to be placed inside- weight limit – 300 pounds
3.    User friendly- safe and secure
4.    Portable, after removing four large knobs, then placing it on the Merry Stand by Me Cart
5.    Addresses spatial perception losses
6.    Assists in getting residents out of wheelchairs and back to walking independently
7.    May be used prior to introducing residents to Merry Walker Ambulation Devices

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