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Handheld Magnet for Magnetic Resonance Screen

Handheld Magnet for Magnetic Resonance Screen
Item #:03A15370
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Product Description

Part # 03A 15370

Handheld Magnet for Magnetic Resonance Screen

This is NOT an MRI Safe magnet.
Model # MG-1000 Powerful Rare-Earth Handheld Magnet for Magnetic Resonance Screening/Sites: Magnetic Resonance (MR) professionals must be able to screen patients, devices, and implants for possible ferromagnetic properties prior to allowing them to enter clinical and research magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) environments and magnet rooms (so-called, "Zone III and IV" regions). It has also been proposed that all MR sites have ready access to powerful, more than 1,000 gauss hand held magnets that they can use for such testing purposes. This magnet has been specially designed by experienced clinical and research MR practitioners and leaders in the field of MR safety to meet the needs of busy MR sites. The more than 1,200 gauss magnetic field of the magnet exerts a sufficiently powerful magnetic field to sensitively test even weakly ferromagnetic objects. The magnet itself is also composed of a neodynium - a so-called rare earth magnet - that permits it to lose its strength extremely slowly, at a rate of a 1% loss every 100 years. The recessed magnet in custom foam-fitted housing, the form fitted handle, and the surface ball bearing mounts allow for ready removal of the magnet - by anyone - should it become inadvertently attached to large ferromagnetic objects, such as oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, etc. The bright red anodized coloring of the magnet housing contrasts well with the silver labeling clearly stating that the magnet is not MR safe and should not be brought into the MR magnet room/Zone IV regions. This magnet was developed in part with the help of Dr. Emanuel Kanal, Department of Radiology, University of Pittsburg Medical School, and is field tested to provide years of reliable MR safety and compatibility testing under typical clinical and research MRI settings. Also optionally available is a foam padded carrying and storage case to protect the magnet between uses. Weight: 2 pounds Color: Red, Silver lettering Magnetic Field Strength: 1,200 gauss Dimensions: 3.5" height by 3" width by 5.5" length

ATTENTION: The implied warranties of MERCHANTABILITY and fitness for a particular purpose or intent and all other warranties, express or implied, are EXCLUDED from this transaction and shall not apply to the hand held magnet device being sold. Safe operation of this hand held magnet device is solely the responsibility of the operator. The manufacturer shall have NO LIABILITY for special, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss of profits or revenue, resulting from the operation of this hand held magnet device. You accepted these terms regarding an exclusion of warranties when you purchased this hand held magnet device.


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