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Wheelchair Ramps - One Piece Ramps

Wheelchair Ramps - One Piece Ramps

Wheelchair Ramps - One Piece Ramps.

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Curb wheelchair ramps are used to provide accessed to persons using a wheelchair, walker or rollator. We carry a variety of curb wheelchair ramps for sale including 36 inch long curb ramps, 48 inch long curb ramps and 60 inch long curb ramps.

What is a curb wheelchair ramp? Curb wheelchair ramps are non-folding ramps that allow disabled individuals access over curbs or onto higher surfaces. Curb wheelchair ramps are designed as semi-permanent devices for use in areas in which portability isnít a problem. The full platform and durable welded fabrication of these curb wheelchair ramps can accommodate wheelchairs and scooters with various wheel configurations. Curb wheelchair ramps hold up to 600 pounds and include steel safety pins, making this a heavy duty and reliable ramp thatís manufactured to last.

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