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Curtain Track Shipping Cost

Curtain Track Shipping Cost

We now offer free shipping on all of our products so this page is obsolete!

We are leaving this page in place for 2 reasons.  One some customers may have it bookmarked and the other is customers that may want Express shipping.

Express Shipping on Curtain Track:  
It is important for you to understand the track, curves and suspension tubes are LARGE packages.  UPS & FedEx charge by the size, not weight, on express shipping methods such as Next Day Air, 2nd Day, Third Day.  This make getting express shipping for large package items prohibitively expensive.  In the past we have seen Express Shipping cost on curtain track come in at between $150 - $300 depending on how many packages are involved.  If you are still interested (or absolutely have to have it) in Express Shipping give us a call at 1-800-804-9549 and we will find our the cost for express shipping methods.  Just be forewarned it will be expensive!

We have tons of this curtain track in the warehouse and in most cases it ships the same day or if after 2pm the next business day.  The warehouse the curtain track ships from is in Minnesota which is centrally located so MOST curtain track shipments arrive at the customers in 3-4 days with our standard free ground shipping through UPS & FedEx.

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