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Bariatric Wheelchair Ramps

Bariatric Wheelchair Ramps

Bariatric Wheelchair Ramps, Bariatric Van Ramps, Bariatric Panel Ramps, Multi Fold Bariatric Ramps and Heavy Duty Threshold Ramps.

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Bariatric wheelchair ramps ramps are used by individuals using wheelchairs, walkers or electric scooters. We carry a large selection of bariatric wheelchair ramps including bariatric panel ramps, heavy duty van ramps, bariatric multifold ramps and ez access rubber threshold ramps.

What is a bariatric wheelchair ramp? Bariatric wheelchair ramps are heavy duty incline planes installed in addition to or to replace stairs. Bariatric panel ramps consist of three interlocking panels to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters with various wheel configurations. Bariatric multifold wheelchair ramps are temporary ramps that can be folded and stored until needed again. Bariatric van ramps allow the wheelchair to be rolled into the rear of a van. Once the chair is inside, the bariatric van ramp folds vertically, enabling the user to transport their chair. Bariatric ez access threshold ramps are small ramps made of a high density rubber to support the weight of a bariatric patient. These types of bariatric wheelchair ramps give access to doorways where bigger ramps are not suitable..

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