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Facility Ashtrays

Facility Ashtrays

Facility Ashtrays, Commercial Wall Mount Ashtrays.

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Facility Ashtrays are used for the disposal of cigarettes before entering a facility or building. We carry a selection of ashtrays for commercial and industrial use. Our facilty ashtrays are designed for table tops or wall mounts with a flip top bowl and with or without a bridge.

What is a faciltiy ashtray? Faciltiy Ashtrays are receptacles for tobacco ash and butts from cigarettes and cigars. Most non smoking facilities, such as hospitals, are required to provide proper disposal of tobacco products with an outdoor ashtray. Commercial ashtrays are typically constructed of stainless steel, have a flip top bowl and can be wall mounted or placed on an outside table in the designated smoking area. Outdoor ashtrays help patrons maintain litter accumulation and prevent potential fires. Industrial ashtrays are a clean and effective way to maintain tobacco waste on facility grounds.

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