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Shower Curtain, Heavy Duty Sure-Check ®, 75" Tall by 68" Wide

Shower Curtain, Heavy Duty Sure-Check ®, 75" Tall by 68" Wide
Item #:A15-MITCC39414
Availability:Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
List Price:$97.99
Our Price:$75.00

Product Description

Shower Curtain, Heavy Duty Sure-Check ®, 75" Tall by 68" Wide

Part # A15 MITCC39414

The Sure-Chek® shower curtains are the national bestseller for Healthcare facilities is a heavy weight (vinyl coated)12 gauge IFR polyester with patented inert chemicals to provide anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-static properties for the life of the product. Made with durable #2 grommets and to help ensure against the build up of bacteria are manufactured with no side or bottom hems. . They are designed for shower use but can be used anywhere that the excellent properties listed below could be of benefit.

Note: The colors that are shown in the picture above may be affected by the way that the color on your computer monitor is adjusted. The picture will be close to the color that you receive however exact color matches are not possible because we have no control over how color on your monitor is adjusted. Please measure and order very carefully. These shower curtains are built to order and are NON-RETURNABLE. These are made to order and ship in 7 - 10 business days.

Important! To determine the size shower curtain you will need do the following. Measure the width of the opening or area you want to cover. Multiply that by 1.2 (or 20% extra). The excess curtain provides the bunch or fullness that you will need. You can't stretch a 72" shower curtain perfectly straight to cover a 72" hole. For the length subtract 3.5" (the distance the track and hooks hang down) from the desire length that you want. Choose the size shower curtain that is closest to your needs. Custom size shower curtains can be ordered but generally take a little longer and are a little more expensive compared to the standardized sizes shown on the website.

Choose the color desired from the chart above and make the selection from the "drop down box" below that is adjacent to the "add to cart" button.

Flame resistant - Sure-Check fabrics resist combustion and will self extinguish when the source of flame is removed.
Stain resistant - Most oil, greases and contaminants with soap, water or mild cleansers. Curtains are easily cleaned in place and maintain a fresh look.
Antistatic - Sure-Check fabrics are specially formulated with an enduring anti static property, "Anstat®" It prevents the build up or retention of electrostatic charges that could interfere with the functioning of sensitive life support equipment.
Odor resistant - Sure Check fabrics have been treated to resist bacterial odors. Objectionable organic odors are decreased as a result of the active protection against odor-forming bacterial growth on fabric surfaces.
Durable - Sure-Check fabrics are incredibly strong withstanding severe wear and abuse. Extra strength and tear resistant mean extended curtain life.
Antimicrobial - to protect the fabric a controlled release system continually sends the antimicrobial agent to the fabric surface. This built in protection last the life of the fabric. If is not a superficial treatment that wears off.
Decorative - Sure-Check fabrics offer an attractive selection of contemporary colors with a crisp finish.
(Below) Picture of stainless steel grommets that are space every 6" across the top of the curtain.

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