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Ceiling Mounted IV Pole

Ceiling Mounted IV Pole
Item #:01A14774
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Product Description

Part # 01A 14774
The IV Ceiling Pole devise swivels, is movable and adjustable. It is anchored to the ceiling by means of a small steel round structure with bushings and bolts. The aluminum track swivels 360 clock or counterclockwise. The IV bottle supporting shaft is telescopic, running from one end to the other, allowing for the simultaneous utilization of 8 bottles or 4 bottles and infusion pump.

The I.V. Ceiling Pole is permanently affixed to the ceiling and it easily turns both ways 360 and moves over the bed in either direction on its own 23" track. The I.V. support pole is completely movable and telescopic (28" to 70"), allowing it to be locked into position at any height needed by a simple twist of the wrist. The I.V Ceiling Pole includes the channel track as shown in the picture.
For adjusting the height of the telescopic hook, grasp the upper section firmly and turn the lower section slightly, to either the left or right, loosening it. Push the shaft upwards or pull it downwards and choose the desired height. To lock it up, just repeat the same movement to the left or right.
Comfort and Safety
With more freedom of movement, the patient is able to rest in any chosen position. The device provides greater safety, removing the risk of accidental tipping.
The I.V. Ceiling Pole does not take up any valuable floor space, either in the intensive care unit or the patients room, facilitating foot traffic and circulation in the area.
Being anchored to the ceiling, this I.V. pole eliminates direct contact with children, other nonprofessionals and the danger of passing contagious disease and infections.

The installation of the IV Ceiling Pole is very easy. To anchor it to the ceiling use 2 bolts and bushings. The bushings must be driven into the concrete, beyond the plaster. For false ceilings, special bushings are utilized.

The device requires no maintenance, except preventive visual maintenance for verifying the anchoring of the supporting bar. Each six months the anchoring and firmness of the support must be checked as well. Further, it is necessary to clean the device as often as necessary. The track must be cleaned with an alcohol soaked sponge, to make sure no dust or other particles hamper the free movement of the shaft. This maintenance cleaning is in addition to regular hospital asepsis care. Replacement of parts such as bolts, hooks etc which are subject to wear or damage must be done whenever necessary for normal wear, breaking, corrosion, accident misuse, or any other such defects. The device does not require any lubrication.

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